There is no fixed blepharoplasty cost. The cost is affected by a lot of things. The cost can range from $705 to $6043 or more based on the location of your surgeon and the specifics of your surgery –including if your surgery changes your lower, upper, or both lids.


Things that affect the cost of blepharoplasty

The cost of blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery depends on the extent of your surgery. In most cases, you will spend more money to do surgery for your lower eyelid compared to doing surgery for your upper eyelid, because the lower eyelid is more intricate and involves the removal of the skin, removal of fat, addition of fat or all the three. However, if you are having both surgeries together, most surgeons will do it at a discount.


Are you visiting an oculoplastic surgeon?

An oculoplastic surgeon is someone who specializes in reconstructive eyelid surgery and cosmetic surgery. When a surgery is performed by such a specialist, you will have to pay more than a surgery performed by a general cosmetic surgeon. However, the oculoplastic surgeon may have more experience and is capable of handling complex complications and cases.


Are you adding a brow lift?

This is also another thing that will affect the cost of your surgery. Depending on what you want to achieve, your upper eyelid surgery may need to be accompanied by a brow lift surgery if you want to achieve maximal longevity of results. You can add thousands of dollars to your blepharoplasty cost in California when a brow lift is performed especially if you require general anesthesia.


Do you want or need general anesthesia?

Most surgeries for eyelids are performed in the office of the doctor with local anesthesia or oral sedatives. If you need to have more complicated procedures in your surgery to correct the weakness of your muscles, or if you want your fat pads removed, then you may need to have general anesthesia.


The cost of living in the city you want to do your surgery from

This may seem to be a minor issue but it will contribute greatly to the cost of your surgery. If your surgeon is performing surgery in a city with a high cost of living, you will definitely pay more for the surgery. Remember the surgeon has to pay bills such as electricity, rent, and buy general commodities. If such things are expensive then he will charge high to be able to get enough to pay his bills.


What does the cost of the surgery include?

Your blepharoplasty cost normally covers the facility, the surgery, the post-operation fees and more. However, you should read and understand your doctor’s estimates before you pay. You should ask the doctor as many questions as possible during the consultation so that you know what you expect. You shouldn’t just select your surgeon based on the lowest price because you only have one set of eyes and the surgery requires expertise, experience, patience and attention to detail.